Start of Hurricane Season–June 1st, 2010

As we all know from the Katrina, Rita, & Gustav experiences here in New Orleans, an evacuation/disaster plan is not only crucial for our own business but for our customers as well.

This page will give you the information on how to contact us, how to access your payroll & payroll records in the case of an emergency and to let you know that your payroll records are stored securely.

We have made every effort possible to make our business all electronic and web-based with the best technology available.  In the case of an evacuation, we have designed our business to have a seamless move with absolutely no disruption of services—it is basically virtual.  You will receive the same great customized service in the event of an evacuation or disaster.

Main Office Phone:  504-273-4980–This phone number is a virtual phone number and can be set up over the internet to ring any location that we choose.  Should circumstances arise that it does not work properly we will post the phone number of our current location where we can be contacted.

Email:–Our email is provided through America Online which can be accessed anywhere.   Since this is the preferred method of communication by the majority of our clients; there should be no issues in contacting us here.

Fax:  504-273-4981–Our fax number is set-up to become virtual in case of an evacuation.  We can have it set-up to ring in a different location or as an efax dumped into our email.

Temporary Office Location–We have two different locations set-up as options to operate our office from in case of a mandatory evacuation order.  The first location option is in Mobile, Alabama and the second is in Decatur (Atlanta), Georgia.  We have used both of these locations in past evacuations; and both have allowed us to continue our operations seamlessly with no issues.

This page will also include any immediate updates on how to contact us should our plans need to change along with any other instructions that may be required.